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The design for the modern version of vaporizers was the brainchild of Hon Lik, a pharmacist. Just like his father, who died from lung cancer, Lik was a heavy smoker. He devoted himself to improving the old vaporizer models, and his efforts are evident in the various devices used today.

Vaporizers are seen as a healthier option for cigarette smoking and a great way to consume various materials. Different types of vaporizers include e-liquid vaporizers, oil vaporizers, wax vaporizers, and herb vaporizers. Some of the vaporizers specialize in only one substance, while others are versatile and can cater to various materials.

Wax vaporizers are ideal for consuming wax-based substances such as crumble, budder, and shatter. The herb vaporizer is ideal for buds, flowers, and herbs, while the e-liquid vapes are mostly for clean nicotine fixes and the consumption of THC and CBD-rich oils.

The Various Types of Vaporizers


Electronic dab rigs are ideal if you are into wax concentrates. Typically, E-rigs can be large and less portable or small and easier to carry. Nevertheless, e-rigs feature a water attachment to cool down the vapor and filter out impurities and irritants.

Heat comes from a heated surface such as a cup or coil. E-rigs is popular among those that prefer the potency of wax concentrates over anything else.

Desktop Vaporizer

Most people think that vapes are for recreational uses, but their function extends to medication. Vaporizers provide a natural way of relieving inflammation and pain. The large and bulky desktop vaporizers have been used in the medical industry for quite some time, and they can be pretty effective with various illnesses.

These devices use power from an outlet or a portable source such as a power bank. While desktop vapes are not portable, they have a couple of advantages.

The vaporizers are high capacity and can extract the most from substances. They use sophisticated technology, have larger fans and better heating elements. The majority of desktop vaporizers have a convection oven for use with dry herbs.

Portable Vapes

A portable vaporizer is an excellent choice if you are always out and about. Even though they are lightweight, smaller, and use rechargeable batteries, portable vapes use the same principle as desktop vaporizers.

Portable vapes such as airvape are not only lightweight and compact, but you can also use them with a variety of materials. They are some of the most multipurpose, and this makes them some of the fastest-selling.

Based on their compactness, the portable vapes cost less to produce, making them quite affordable and easily accessible. Their operation is straightforward and, therefore, an appealing choice if you are a beginner.

Most portable vapes have preset temperature settings and single-button controls.

Common portable vape pen varieties include e-juice vape pens, oil vape pens, and dab pens. You can get more features and improved battery capacity from box mods.

Vaporizers make it easier to consume your favorite oils, herbs, or other substances. But before choosing the ideal type, consider how and where you will be using the vape and the choice of materials you primarily consume. Pick a vaporizer that will give you optimum results from your materials. 

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