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When I first started out in the world of CBD, I was nervous. I had no clue what I was getting myself into. Nowadays, it’s not such uncharted territory anymore. But, I still am finding out what works best for me, as are many people. That’s why some brands have decided to offer trial packs, so that CBD beginners (or those that just want to try something new) can get a feel for it, without having to buy a whole bottle of something they won’t like. Instead, with one of these trial packs, you can figure out what dose, what blend, or what format you like the most.

The Flight

Feals was the first brand I tried that had a trial pack and I immediately thought about how genius of an idea it is. Each Flight pack contains three vials of different strength CBD tinctures, from 40mg up to 160mg, essentially giving you a dose of each. The price point and usability of this pack makes it one of the best out there for CBD beginners.

All Day Tincture Pack

If you’ve got your CBD fix figured out, but want to explore other hemp derivatives, this pack from CBDistillery is perfect. Not only does it include a dropper of 33mg of CBD, it also includes vials of CBD blends. The CBD + CBG blend is great for an after work relaxation break and the CBG + CBN was made to help you get a better night’s sleep.

The Starter Pack

Tinctures aren’t the only samples you can try out before investing in a full size product. Beam CBD has a starter pack that houses the brand’s Dream Powder and Capsules, Fixer and Revive Capsules, as well as Focus Capsules. Each of these combines a different level of CBD with ingredients like lavender oil, melatonin, green tea extract, and more.

Vybes Original Sampler

Feel like going down the ingestible route? Vybes created a sample pack just for you, with three different flavors of CBD-infused drinks: Peach Ginger, Strawberry Lavender, and Blueberry Mint. Each bottle contains 25mg of CBD, so you can find your favorite flavor and get your fix.

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