Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation Launches the State’s First THC-only Tincture – Business Wire

AUSTIN, Texas–()–Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation (TOCC), Texas’ leading medical cannabis provider, today released the state’s first 0:1 THC-only medical cannabis tincture. The tincture will be available to qualifying patients throughout Texas under the state’s Compassionate Use Program (CUP).

As Texas’ first THC-only medical cannabis product in tincture form, the new medication offers physicians an additional option for patients suffering from conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, PTSD, multiple sclerosis, cancer and other qualifying illnesses. TOCC’s high-quality 0:1 formulation is particularly beneficial for relieving common and frequent symptoms such as pain, spasticity, insomnia, nausea and many more. The new, unflavored tincture will be available to patients this month.

“We’re thrilled to introduce our THC-only tincture, the first of its kind in Texas, to physicians and patients throughout the state,” said Morris Denton, TOCC’s CEO. “Our patients come first. We listened when they and their doctors asked for a THC-only product to help manage specific symptoms like pain and nausea. We’re committed to serving Texans by delivering the highest-quality medicine with exclusive options like our new tincture and improving their lives through the life-changing power of medical cannabis.”

TOCC developed the 0:1 formulation under the guidance of eight physicians serving on its medical advisory board. The company is the only licensed medical cannabis provider in Texas with a board of this kind. The team of physicians provides developmental oversight and direction from a medical perspective on TOCC’s products, including the new tincture.

The company will continue expanding its product line on the heels of Texas’ 87th legislative session, where legislators passed House Bill 1535. HB 1535 extends access to medical cannabis prescriptions to those suffering from any stage of cancer and post-traumatic stress disorder under the CUP. The bill also increases the permitted amount of THC from .5 percent to 1 percent by weight.

TOCC also recently announced its $21 million Series B funding round led by AFI Capital Partners. The funding will bolster the company’s production and support its statewide delivery of its existing and newly added medical cannabis products.

For more information about TOCC, visit www.texasoriginal.com.

About Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation

Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation (TOCC) is the leading licensed medical marijuana producer in Texas, working alongside physicians to provide the highest quality cannabis medicine to patients and families seeking relief across the state. As fellow Texans, we are dedicated to representing the integrity of this great state with our commitment to quality, consistency and purity in every product we produce. We remain committed to advancing safe, legal access to this powerful medicine. TOCC is headquartered in Austin, with delivery throughout the entire state. For more information, visit www.texasoriginal.com.

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