Elkhart toddler hospitalized after ingesting THC-laced Cheetos – 953mnc.com

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

A 3-year-old in Elkhart was sent to the hospital after eating a bag of cheetos that were laced with THC.

Desiree Diliberti told ABC 57 that her daughter, Kamiya, always gets snacks from their neighbor who works for a shelter home.

Last Thursday, after eating a bag of Cheetos, Kamiya got sick. When she wouldn’t stop shaking, her mother took her to the hospital.

After several scans and tests at Elkhart General Hospital, Kamiya was flown to Memorial Hospital in South Bend. After sampling a urine test, doctors said the child had THC in her system.

Diliberti realized the bag looked like a regular Cheetos bag, but it had 600mg of THC inside.

The mother says she does not believe their elderly neighbor had bad intentions by giving Kamiya the snack. but the shelter home and police are now investigating where the bag came from.

Click to watch the story from ABC 57 News.

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