The Approval of the Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis Law Project in Costa Rica is Urgent – The Costa Rica News

The liberationist deputy Karine Niño referred to the need for the approval of file 21. 388, “Law on the Production of Cannabis and Hemp for Medicinal Purposes”. “The approval of the hemp and medicinal cannabis project is urgent!” said Niño.

The legislator stressed that “it is time that as a Nation we give the Yes to a new industry, an industry that comes to generate employment and boost an economy that cries out for help.” This week, deputy Zoila Volio asked the deputies members of the Environment Commission to advance the project before the extraordinary sessions return on November 1st.

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The fundamental right to health

The purpose of the initiative presented by Volio is to “Regulate and allow the access and use of cannabis and its derivatives exclusively for medicinal and therapeutic use, in order to guarantee the fundamental right to health of the entire Costa Rican population” in addition to “authorize the production and commercialization of hemp for industrial and food use”, according to the wording of the proposal.


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