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ALTAMONT — Following a Tuesday night traffic stop in Altamont, two juveniles were arrested and charges are being filed possibly for possession and intent to distribute THC products and marijuana.

Officer Jonathon Davis said while out on regular patrol about 10 p.m., he clocked a vehicle traveling 56 mph in a 30 mph zone through town and pulled it over.

He approached the vehicle to speak to the driver and smelled marijuana, giving Davis the right to search the vehicle.

Altamont Police Chief Mike Shields said Davis was assisted by the Labette County Sheriff Office’s K-9 unit.

Officer Davis said he discovered the many items dispersed throughout the vehicle, in addition to a backpack full of items in the trunk.

“Some of this was in a backpack in the trunk, some of it was scattered out through the vehicle in the driver’s seat area and front passenger’s seat area,” Davis said. “All four were juveniles. The front two laid claim to everything and said they had it in the vehicle before they picked the younger two up.”

Davis said he was happy to have made the bust and to have all the items off the street. 

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More than 20 packages of vials containing THC oil for vape pens were laid out in evidence bags on a desk in the Altamont Police Department, along with baggies containing containers of THC waxes, marijuana, blunts, THC edibles and paraphernalia, money and a firearm.

“This amount is kind of upsetting to me to see in our area. We’re not used to seeing this, but, unfortunately, it is becoming a more prevalent thing. We’re going to try to stay ahead of it as much as we can.

“It’s a whole smorgasbord of infusions of medicinal products that are coming out of Oklahoma,” Shields said. “This is a pretty good seizure. The weapon inside the vehicle was actually a stolen weapon. Very good find.” 

The juveniles arrested were not from Labette County.

“It’s still an ongoing investigation,’“ Shields said.

“This is something that is going to be becoming more and more common here in Kansas, with Oklahoma and Missouri having these products,” Shields said. “I’m very proud of officer Davis for this seizure. He did a good job. … It gets this stuff out of the hands of kids. This is something that is very concerning for our community, something the department is really starting to crack down on. 

“We’ve had several cases generated here lately with the THC oil vape pens at our high school. We’ve had some THC infused gummy candies here at the high school recently. It’s really getting out of hand, because a lot of these products, like on these vape pens, you don’t detect the odor of  marijuana when they smoke it. The same thing with these candies. You won’t detect the marijuana coming out of the candies. … It’s unbelievable the amount of these that are coming out of the high school. I know Dr. Wyrick, Mr. Holtzman, Principal Smith and Assistant Principal Raschen, we’re all working together on this stuff right now.”

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