How to Choose the Best Delta 8 THC Flowers –

What is Delta 8 Flower? 

Delta 8 THC has brought a series of unanswered questions for those not acclimated to the cannabis world. And for some time, it was pretty challenging to navigate through the industry, especially from the traditional market, due to gatekeeping attitude towards anything that isn’t Delta-9 THC. Guess what? It’s all related; it’s just that delta 8 is a legal product in states who haven’t legalized medicinal or recreational. Ultimately, Delta 8 Flower is similar to Delta 9 Flower—but there are a few minor differences.

Does Delta-8 flower get you high?

Now that most states in the country have moved forward with medicinal marijuana, that doesn’t mean that the products provided for medicinal purposes are a failsafe cure-all. Georgia has such low THC oil that there are no psychoactive benefits, only temporary relief for a small amount of time. Delta 8 Flower has become a loved product because it recalls past rituals such as plucking, grinding, packing, and smoking. With around 60% of the psychoactive potency of Delta-9 THC, Delta 8 Flower came to light with its timeliness and its effects.  Delta-8 has honed the name “diet weed” because it’s not as heavy; this means that the chances of paranoia and irrational fear don’t creep up on you.

Is Delta-8 THC legal?

Yes, depending on your state. Delta 8 THC is federally legal if it meets all of the guidelines, and Delta 8 THC can only have 0.3% of delta-9 THC within it. Now, these laws can differ from state to state—so be sure to search your state laws with Delta-8. The Delta-8 flower is hemp with a relatively good amount of CBD for the most part. CBG has become the latest flower with THC, both traditional and delta-8 THC. We carry White Cap, which is CBG with Delta-8 THC. Legality will always be a topic of discussion because there are no universal state laws.

Why ATLRx is the Best for Delta 8 Flowers?

ATLRx sources Delta 8 THC Flower from prestigious farms in Colorado, Oregon, and Northern California, came from traditional use backgrounds, so they keep an eye out for taste, smell, texture, and effects. Also, they want the terpenes to be on point so that their guests can find their favorites and make their purchasing decisions from there. So as far as therapeutic effects go, they make sure to have a wide selection of Sativas, hybrids, and Indicas.

Sativa strains provide a more uplifting focus and creative edge. It’s more of a cerebral feel with more of a head euphoria. Because of its characteristics, you’ll often hearSativas as being more of the daytime strains. Indicas are more about relaxation and unwinding—pushing more towards the sedative traits. These are the stay at home in couch strains. Hybrids are the best of both worlds, with characteristics from both Sativa and Indica. You will often hear that a strain may be a Sativa or Indica dominate hybrid. Those give you a better idea of what kind of strain you’re about to get into.

What factors you should keep in mind while buying Delta-8 THC flowers?

Before purchasing Delta-8 THC Flower, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. The first is that Delta 8 products produce metabolites similar to traditional marijuana so you will fail a drug test. Second, think about what you’re looking to get out of Delta-8; are you looking for sleep, anxiety relief, or just a good time? Lastly, it would be best if you researched brands. ATLRx is all about transparency. This includes the products, education, and what they bring to the market. Their transparency has allowed them to stand out. They provide you with COA’s and QR Codes that directly take you to the immaculate lab report that a DEA Certified Lab procured. Also, they use supercritical CO2 and ethanol extraction, the cleanest form on the market, to give you a crystal clear distillate. Then from this distillate is how they create their products.

Delta 8 Flower Strains available at ATLRx :

Sativas:  Tangie, Headband, White Cap, Sour Diesel

Hybrid: White Runtz, Tahoe OG, OG Kush

Indicas: Moon Pie, Northern Lights, Kush Mintz, Afghan Goo, Sour Glue, Girl Scout Cookies, Grape Ape

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