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Sunshine Coast Council has designed the new Maroochydore CBD to discourage reliance on motor vehicles, instead hoping to promote the use of public transport among workers.

The new CBD, which is slowly growing as more buildings are constructed and completed, is designed to be “transit-oriented” and so is “relying on principles which maximise the amount of high-density, compact residential, business and leisure space within walking distance of public transport”.

“(The strategy) aims to increase public and active transport use by moving away from the use of private cars and promote sustainable urban growth,” a spokesperson said.

“This strategy is reflected in the slow speed and pedestrian-friendly characteristics of the road design and the comprehensive active transport network.”

Car parking will be provided at the new Maroochydore CBD, but public transport is encouraged. Photo: Richard Bruinsma

The council has confirmed that parking facilities are included in the design of the master-planned site – combining “on-site car parking spaces, supplemented by a number of consolidated public parking facilities”.

The first of these public parking facilities is a new multi-deck car park to be located on Lightning Lane, adjacent to Foundation Place, beside the new Sunshine Coast Council headquarters building.

“This public car park will provide 294 car spaces, including accessible parking and electric vehicle charging spaces, 39 motorcycle and 28 bicycle spaces, as well as end-of-trip facilities,” the spokesperson said.

A multi-level car park to be built in the Maroochydore CBD. Photo: Sunshine Coast Council

End-of-trip facilities will include showers, toilets, disability amenities, lockers and a drying cupboard.

“There will also be a number of on-street parking and kerbside facilities in the city centre, which will evolve to reflect changing demands as development progresses,” the spokesperson said.

“This includes a number of on-street drop-off and pick-up zones in the city centre, with separate disability parking provided both on street and within each multi-deck car park.

The Maroochydore CBD under construction, looking towards the new council building. Photo: Richard Bruinsma

“Council is required to progressively deliver approximately 2000 public car parks in the Maroochydore city centre in line with the timing of surrounding development.

“At this stage, there are no underground/basement carparking facilities.”

More details about the parking are available on the Sunshine Coast Council website.

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