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By Jan Boal, RN, Certified Cannabis Nurse
What does a Cannabis Nurse do? We listen. We consult. Taking in what the client’s goals are, wanting decreased pain, increased alertness, better sleep, improved mood etc. This is a client driven plan of care, not the Cannabis Nurse’s. The client is the one driving the bus towards their desired outcomes. The Cannabis Nurse will provide a free 15 minute consultation with the interested party and explains how the process unfolds, some education provided and questions asked by both parties regarding health and outcomes. The client then decides if they want to continue with consulting services Cannabis Nursing Care.

Let me share this, that if someone is using these healing therapies then doesn’t it make sense to ask a medical professional for guidance and not the person behind the counter at the dispensary? Do you ask your mechanic about your gall bladder issues? Well…. You shouldn’t be anyway! Clients need a trusted medical professional to discuss their medical issues. This is private and personal and should be treated as such. We Cannabis Nurses understand the disease process, medications, drug interactions and physiological interactions with CBD or THC use.
What got me interested in being a Certified Cannabis Nurse was seeing positive results with THC topicals being used by my home health elder patients. This came about due to opiates being dramatically reduced, even those with long term chronic pain and were not abusing. They sought help
at dispensaries for their chronic pain. My patients shared how it absolutely decreased their pain to mild or none at all. These included issues with sciatica pain, neuropathy and back pain. Not only did it work, they were no longer constipated or dizzy resulting with being a high risk for falls.
After researching the science behind the cannabis plant and this treatment modality, I was sold! Yes, THC can be abused, as anything can, but being used medically is different. There is no physical addiction, no withdrawl effects and no one has ever died of an overdose with it’s use. It is impossible.
CBD is therapeutic for withdrawl symptoms of opiate addicts and in their recovery as well. There are hundreds of medical uses with science backed evidence on how medicinal CBD and THC aid in the recovery of disease, pain, anxiety and cancer treatments to name a few. Because of this you need a
nurse who understands what you are going through medically, an advocate for your well being.
Most of my clients have only needed CBD. With the proper dosage regime one can get amazing results. The Cannabis Nurse also understand the types of strains of cannabis, the terpenes of the plant and their healing properties. How to dose THC and not get the psycho activity (feeling high) or if
needed for depression and how to get a little bit of the lift that suits the clients needs. THC is very helpful for cancer patients in many ways, pain relief, anxiety and depression often come with this disease, side effect from chemotherapy can be greatly reduced if not remedied. THC can also aid in the destruction of caner cells and tumors. Cancer cells have a protective layer over them that our immune system can not break. Specific strains of THC can break through this barrier and then allowing our immune system to take over. THC can also aid in the blocking what the cancer cell needs to feed itself thus resulting in the cell shrinking and dying. Science is just starting to understand the healing properties of this plant. Cannabis Nurses, like all nurses, provide lots of education to our clients. What we don’t know we research and discuss options. The client chooses what they want to try or not.
I have assisted many clients in gaining improved health, mood and quality of life. This is why I am Certified Cannabis Nurse. I love working with my clients one on one and seeing them be able to enjoy life so much more.
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