’Embarrassed’ 60-year-old spared jail for growing cannabis at home – Irish Examiner

A 60-year-old man felt deeply embarrassed to be before a court in Cork at his age for growing cannabis and possessing a large amount of the herb at his home in Union Hall.

Detective Garda Shannon Ryan said gardaí obtained a warrant on October 28, 2020, to search the home of Jan Lendacky at Journey’s End, Union Hall, Co Cork, where it was believed that the accused was growing and storing cannabis.

“I knocked on the front door. There was no reply. The backdoor was open. I entered the house to execute the search warrant. Nine cannabis plants were found in two separate grow-tents. The plants were at very early stages,” said Det Garda Ryan.

“Cannabis herb was found in airtight bags and jars in the bedroom and sitting room.”

While the accused was not present, the detective left a note for him telling him that the cannabis had been seized by gardaí and they wished to speak with him.

Lendacky, who is from the Czech Republic, presented himself to gardaí and freely admitted having the cannabis for his own use.

The cannabis herb in bags and jars had a street value of almost €14,000. The plants, which were immature, would have had a potential street value of just over €7,000.

Det Garda Ryan said: “He admitted growing the cannabis with a view to making cannabis oil and admitted supplying cannabis to others without any profit of any financial gain — he just gave it to them.”

Because of serious medical issues, the defendant decided to use cannabis for pain relief.

Defence barrister, Peter O’Flynn, said: “He is deeply embarrassed by his position in court, and he is quite remorseful.

“It is unusual for someone at 60 who was never involved in drugs in any way to find themselves in this situation.”

Judge Dara Hayes imposed a fully suspended sentence of two years and eight months at Cork Circuit Criminal Court.

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