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Star signs and cannabis strains: December 2022 horoscopes – Leafly

Star signs and cannabis strains: December 2022 horoscopes


Hello Stargazers! Happy Holidays and festive greetings. December is a happy time of year for many, but if the holidays aren’t your bag, do not stress. Whether you’re flying solo this holiday season or gathering with those you love, remember that this is a crucial month to take care of your health and well-being—as much as it is humanly possible to do! 

As for the stars, December is shaping up to be a warm (metaphorically speaking) and generous month. Mercury saunters into Capricorn on December 6, followed closely by a full moon in Gemini on December 7. Jupiter pays a visit to Aries on December 20, and of course, we celebrate the shortest day of the year on December 21—Winter Solstice!

Meditate on what will make this month most peaceful and satisfying for your soul. Can you expand your circle to include someone who will be alone this season? Will being with family fill your cup, or would you be happier spending it with friends? You do you, celestial rockstar. The rest will fall into place. 

Your December horoscope


Hooved archer on pale pink background with joints in the corners and word "Sagittarius"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Happy Solstice, and congrats on making it to the end of 2022, Sag! On December 3, Neptune returns to direct motion in sweet, soft Pisces. Just remember not to get tripped up by others’ expectations of you. Do your best—it’s all you can do!

A full moon in Gemini on December 7 will drudge up some complicated feelings for someone you’ve been talking to. Listen to your gut. Maybe this individual shouldn’t have a place in your inner circle in 2023. 

Your ruler, Jupiter, enters fierce Aries on December 20. Make space for a version of you that doesn’t people-please anyone. The Winter Solstice is on December 21, and there is a new moon in Capricorn on December 23. You’ll probably get this advice a lot at the end of the year, but…journal, journal, journal.

Truly, you have learned so much and come so far. Give yourself the gift of self-reflection. It will set you on the right path for 2023. 

December strain: Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, Christmas Lights can get you in a festive mood. This hybrid strain leans more calming than energizing. Users report this strain offers strong body buzzes. Melt into your couch with a favorite flick and enjoy some downtime this month. 

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Horned goat on green background with cannabis border and the word "Capricorn"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Happy Solstice and happy birthdays, Caps! You made it to a Capricorn’s favorite time of year. Things kick off for your birthday month with Neptune leaving behind its retrograde in Pisces. Your thoughts might be more scattered the first week of the month, but things will sort themselves out. On December 9, Venus enters Capricorn for a hefty, if not boring, dose of realism. Just try not to get too bogged down in petty details. 

Saturn (your ruler) is in direct motion this month, meaning your decision-making skills will be at their best for the rest of the year. The Solstice and Capricorn season begin on December 21.

Make use of all this refreshing energy by spoiling yourself in whatever way feels best. Finally, the new moon in Capricorn on December 23 offers the perfect opportunity to reflect and recharge before 2023 comes roaring in. 

December strain: You don’t have to be a fan of the jolly man in the red suit to appreciate some Christmas Tree. This hybrid strain has calming effects, and users report the buzz is nice and middle-of-the-road, so you can still get all of your online holiday shopping done after hitting a bong.

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Water flowing out of pitcher on blue sky background with the word "Aquarius"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

It’s official—2022 is coming to an end, Aquarius. You’ve done a lot of growing this year, and it’s time to reflect on all of that. December 7 features a full moon in gregarious Gemini. This is something of a mixed-bag moon. On the one hand, you may be thinking of fun events that kept you refueled this year, and on the other, it might bring up some less-than-savory memories for you to chew on.

Whatever direction the wind blows, you can lean into it through meditative practice, journaling, taking a stroll, or whatever else feels gentle and right in the moment. 

Uranus (your ruler) is in retrograde this month, meaning emotions might be a little all over the place. Put that phone on silent, you beautiful stargazer. Don’t let the world get you too far down.

The shortest day of the year and the beginning of Capricorn season both start on December 21. On December 29, things round out for 2022 with Mercury returning to Capricorn in Retrograde for a second time this year. A fitting end to a challenging year. 2023 is already looking bright. 

December strain: Let’s face it, the best part of any holiday is the dessert potential. Have your pie and smoke it too with some Apple Pie. This hybrid strain boasts an impressive 24% THC—meaning you don’t want to make any huge plans after packing a bowl of this stuff. Users report this strain is a go-to if they have trouble sleeping. Medical patients also love it for its anxiety-busting effects.

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Mindfulness and marijuana: How breathwork and cannabis work together


Two fish swimming near each other with bongs on blue and pink background with word "Pisces"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Pisces, you are always good at finding the silver lining in endings. Maybe it’s because you always round out the Zodiac calendar, or maybe it’s your emotionally intuitive nature. Either way, this month was made for a Stargazer like you. Things start with your ruler (Neptune) returning to direct motion in your sign. This is an auspicious end to a challenging year of growth for you. Take a moment to celebrate all of the personal wins you’ve had in 2022. 

On December 7, there is a full moon in Gemini. This might make you a little more emotionally charged than usual. Be wary of starting any fights you might regret come January. On December 20, Jupiter enters fiery Aries, giving you a confidence boost that will carry you for the rest of the year. We celebrate the Winter Solstice on December 21, and there is a new moon in Capricorn on December 23. 

Both of these events challenge us to be reflective and very honest with ourselves. What worked this year? What didn’t? Who should join us in 2023, and who should we say a fond farewell to? These questions are best asked with a joint in hand and a quiet evening spent journaling on the couch. 

December strain: He was the fastest gun-slinger in the West, and you can be the fasted bud roller wherever you call home with some Doc Holliday.

This hybrid strain, named after the famed dentist-turned-sharpshooter, has a festive moniker, but don’t let the name fool you—the effects of this bud are just as strong as Doc’s aim. Users report this strain has great mood-boosting effects, perfect for mellow hangouts and casual get-togethers with friends. 

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Ram on pink background with blunts and word "Aries"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Happy Winter Solstice, Aries! On December 3, Neptune leaves its retrograde in Pisces, making the beginning of this month the ideal time to invest in your art. On December 6, Mercury dances into Capricorn, where it will stay until 2023. Your communication will be focused and clear. 

There is a full moon in Gemini on December 7, calling on us to dive deep for that inner peace you’ve been trying to cultivate. Your ruler, Mars, continues its retrograde all of December, and the planet of love enters into Capricorn on December 9—love becomes a priority in the second week of the month.

The Solstice on December 21 marks the shortest day of the year and the perfect time for setting those New Year goals/intentions. Batten down the hatches this month and get to work on yourself! 

December strain: Get festive with some Snow Leopard this holiday season. This is an indica strain with a modest 17% THC and 1% CBG. Snow Leopard is made by crossing the multinational genetics of Tigermelon and Snow Lotus. It’s got an earthy scent profile, and users report the effects come on slow, leaving them in a tranquil daze on the couch. 

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Bull head on light green background with cannabis border with word "Taurus"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

The days are short, but the love isn’t this month, bulls. On December 3, Neptune returns to direct motion in Pisces. Make use of this creative spark to craft your own holiday décor or presents for someone you love. Your ruler (Venus) enters Capricorn on December 9, shifting priorities from luxury to practicality. Make the most of this period by getting your 2023 finances in order. 

The Winter Solstice on December 21 marks the shortest day of the year, and then December 23 features a new moon in Capricorn—another chance to set better intentions for 2023. Finally, the year ends with Mercury going retrograde in Capricorn. While this might churn up some old feelings, hopefully, it also churns up some old lessons that need rehashing.

December strain: It’s cold outside, but it doesn’t need to be cold inside—spark a j full of Snow Dog for some festive and warm vibes. Snow Dog, a sativa, comes from the Chemdawg lineage. It’s citrusy, devilishly sweet, and users report this is a strain to “Get shit done!”

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two women looking at each other over sky background with pipes with word "Gemini"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Sweet Gem, this month requires restraint! Financially, emotionally, and everything in between. You can blame your ruler—Mercury—for this shift. Speaking of Mercury, the planet enters Capricorn on December 6, marking an uptick in direct communication. It might seem a little dull, but the alternative is hurt feelings and bad blood. 

On December 17, Mercury in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus asks us to be open to the idea that good things can happen to us after all. On December 21, we celebrate the Winter Solstice and the shortest day of the year. This is a great time to flex those party-planning skills and throw a funeral for 2022. It had its ups, its downs, and frankly, it’s time to move on.

Celebrate with the people you love. On December 29, Mercury returns to its retrograde motion in Capricorn. Buck up, buckle down, and get ready to relearn some lessons 2022 tried to teach you a few times. 

December strain: Sharpen up those rolling skills because the best winter hibernation routines involve a bowl full of Snow Ryder. This is an indica strain with gorgeous, almost sparkling buds and a fruity-yet-woody flavor profile.

Users report this strain hits between the eyes and relaxes tense muscles. Don’t make any plans when you smoke Snow Ryder; call it a snow day. 

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Crab on blue watery background with glass rigs in border and word "Cancer"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Happy Solstice, Cancer! This is the darkest month of the year, but people forget the dark is a beautiful thing—dark skies reveal more stars. Keep that in mind this month. Your ruler is full in Gemini this month on December 7. Think long and hard about the relationships you cultivated this year. Who should make the 2023 roster?

On December 9, the love planet saunters into Capricorn for a visit. You’ll be feeling especially protective of your finances and your good name at work. 

Jupiter enters Aries on December 20, and we celebrate the Winter Solstice on December 21. Prepare for the coming New Year by journaling the lessons 2022 has taught you. On December 23, there is a new moon in Capricorn. Use that beautiful, clear night sky as a canvas to visualize what the next year will look like for you. How do you want to grow? 

December strain: Be reserved, not frosty this month. Protect your energy with some Frosted Flakes. This strain is a hybrid with a big 24% THC, so you can expect powerful body effects and a strong head buzz. Users report this as a great strain for spending the day on the couch and reading a good book or doing something artistic. 

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Lion on pink weed leaf background with joints and word "Leo"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Happy December, lions! December, with its low and limited light, comes down pretty hard on a Leo’s spirit. Keep yours bright by leaning into astrology to plan your creative bursts and rest periods. On December 6, Mercury enters Capricorn. Communication will be stellar, if not brief, at the beginning of the month. Use this time to let your colleagues know what you’ll need to finish the year with success. 

On December 7, the Sun (your ruler) in Sagittarius opposition to Mars in Gemini is one aspect you won’t want to ignore. Keep an eye out for that friend who has been extra quiet lately. Something big might have just dropped in their lap. Be a ray of hope for them in a dark time. On December 21, the sun enters Capricorn and we welcome the Winter Solstice. 

While others may be out drinking and celebrating the shortest day of the year, you might consider hunkering down with a good book or catching up on any end-of-year journaling you’ve been meaning to do. Things might get a little overwhelming this month, but trust your gut on when to tap out. Y

ou should wrap up the year feeling refreshed and refined. 

December strain: Is your family over? Are you ready to change your name and move countries? Fear not, Frosted Cake is the perfect companion for those hard-to-get-through holiday gatherings.

This is a hybrid strain with a modest 13% THC and 9% CBD. Users report this strain tastes like cereal and leaves them with a relaxed, balanced buzz.

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Virgo maiden on light green background with word "Virgo"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

It’s the end of 2022, Virgo! You did it. Whether it was the toughest year or the smoothest one, you should feel proud to have come as far as you did. This month, things start off with Neptune leaving its retrograde behind in Pisces. Things could get a little dreamy for an even-keeled stargazer like yourself.

Ground the people around you by continuing to ask real and important questions. Your ruler, Mercury, enters Capricorn on December 6. Expect communication to be brief but clear. 

On December 21, we celebrate the shortest day of the year. Here’s to endings and new beginnings—equally important bookends in our stories. On December 29, Mercury returns to retrograde in Capricorn. Don’t panic just yet; this celestial combo is great for journaling and reflecting. Just don’t over-exert yourself by trying to please everyone at the end of 2022. 

December strain: Take the sweet with the sour this month, Virgo. Frosted Lemons can help get you there. This hybrid strain has 18% THC, meaning you’ll probably get respectable body and mind effects. Users report this strain is great for soft focus and the perfect companion for a quiet day spent inside.

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Scales on yellow and blue sky background with pipes in the corners and word "Libra"
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Happy end of 2022, Libras! The month kicks off with Neptune returning to direct motion in sensitive Pisces. You’ll be especially in tune with the emotional energy in your home. Make sure to limit distractions in the first week of the month to preserve your own vibes. Mercury enters Capricorn on December 6, followed by a full moon in Gemini on December 7. These promise a sort of yo-yo communication style the second week of the month. 

Your ruler (Venus) enters Capricorn on December 9. Planning out the first month of 2023 will be especially fruitful on this day. Jupiter enters Aries on December 20, and on December 21, we celebrate the shortest day of the year. The time for 2022 reflection is dwindling—soon, you’ll have to set your sights on the future.

The new moon in Capricorn offers just the perfect space to do the journaling you’ve been meaning to do. What was 2022’s biggest lesson? Only you know! 

December strain: Your tree (if you have one) isn’t the only thing that needs to be festive this holiday season. Get lit yourself with some Blue Lights. This indica-dominant strain features a 21% THC profile and heavy sedating effects. Users love this strain for its appetite stimulation and strong, earthy smells.

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5 cannabis strains for people who love earthy flavors


Scorpion on blue tie dye background with word "Scorpio"
(Scorpio by Savina Monet for Leafly)

The new year approaches, Scorpios. How has 2022 treated you? This is the month to reflect on it! We kick off with a full moon in Gemini on December 7. You’ll feel a pull to journal and reflect—follow this urge. On December 20, Jupiter enters Aries. Make time and space for your creative calling. It’s been quietly knocking on your door for a while now. Open up and embrace the unknown! 

Your ruling planets are a mixed bag this month with Mars being in retrograde and Pluto being direct. Don’t make any grand future plans just yet. Stick with reflection and the slow path forward. It can be hard not to speed through this last leg of the year, but do your best to be present with the feelings that come up. 

On December 29, Mercury returns for a second retrograde in Capricorn. Prepare to have everyone else in your life suddenly go deep into their own feelings. That’s okay! Remember, this is the time to focus on your own learnings from the past year. 

December Strain: Deck the halls with buds of holly. Or, rather, buds of Northern Lights. This old-school strain remains one of the most ubiquitous cannabis strains in the world. With its indica-dominant, 18% THC profile, Northern Lights offers a moderate, happy, and sedating buzz. So, decorate the house, make some apple cider, and let the season be merry and high. 

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Jacksons Explores Cannabis Retail – NACS Online

TORONTO, Ont.—CordovaCann Corp., a cannabis-focused consumer products and retail company, has forged a deal with Midwest retailer Jackson BevCo Inc. to facilitate the opening and operation of cannabis retail stores within or beside Jacksons convenience stores starting in 2023.

Jacksons owns and operates 65 convenience stores in the western United States under the Big Smoke and Tobacco Connection brand names. Jacksons is owned by Jacksons Food Stores, which was founded in 1975 and now has 361 convenience stores and is a joint-venture partner in nearly 2,000 additional convenience stores. Jacksons stores are predominantly located in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and Idaho.

According to a press release, Cordova will help Jacksons open cannabis retail stores by primarily focusing on regulatory process, compliance, training, security, inventory selection and inventory procurement. Jacksons will own and operate the cannabis retail stores and will pay Cordova a royalty based on a percentage of revenue generated by these cannabis retail stores. 

Cordova expects to launch the first cannabis retail stores within the Jacksons footprint in 2023. The initial locations being discussed are in Washington, Oregon and Arizona. Cordova already operates in states where Jacksons operates and where recreational cannabis sales are legal. 

In October, Circle K announced a partnership with Green Thumb industries to sell licensed medical marijuana in select locations via a lease agreement. Green Thumb plans to launch its “test-and-learn” phase of the rollout in 2023 with about 10 RISE Express-branded dispensaries adjacent to Circle K stores in Florida.

Grenco Science Introduces G Pen Hyer® Vaporizer – Cannabis Business Times

(LOS ANGELES, CA; November 15, 2022) — Grenco Science, (G Pen), the leader in advanced cannabis vaporization technology, today announces the release of the G Pen Hyer®, a portable and intuitively designed e-nail engineered to deliver best-in-class flavor and vapor production for serious enthusiasts and novices, alike. The G Pen Hyer launched November 15 in stores nationwide and online at

On the heels of the acquisition of Vapium, the G Pen Hyer pays homage to Hyer’s cutting edge performance with the introduction of the most advanced e-nail hybrid on the market. Engineered to maximize flavor profiles, the G Pen Hyer features smart heating technology with constant temperature output allowing for a consistent and efficient experience with every session. The G Pen Hyer houses a powerful heating element in a lightweight anodized aluminum casing for concentrate or dry herb consumption that can pair with any glass-on-glass water piece.

“We are thrilled on the first launch of G Pen Hyer under the acquisition of Vapium. Combining Hyer’s advanced engineering with the premiere design of Grenco Science allows us to continue bringing best in class products to market while maintaining the integrity and foundation of both brands,” says Chris Folkerts, CEO of Grenco Science.

Every detail is designed for ease of use and consumer safety in mind. It comes pre-programmed with five heat settings for quick temperature control and automatically shuts off when timed. In a matter of seconds, the G Pen Hyer heats up to a wide range of temperatures between 482°F/250°C and 842°F/450°C. A simple three button operation paired with an LED interface offers fast activation using the 6,000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery with rapid, pass-through charging via USB-C.

A magnetic cap with a built-in ceramic liner and dual airflow holes offers easy access to the concentrates tank, which features a full quartz chamber and airpath with an internal up-stem. The large capacity tank provides maximum surface area for heating, ef?cient air?ow, and optimal vaporization of all types of concentrate materials.

The G Pen Hyer comes in a convenient hemp travel case along with a 14mm male glass adapter to attach to any water piece in your arsenal (10 and 18mm glass adapters sold separately).


– 6,000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery

– 3-button operation with LED interface

– Rapid, pass-through charging via USB-C

– Braided power cable with snap-in magnetic connections

– Anodized die-cast aluminum housing

– Magnetic carb cap with dual ceramic air?ow intakes

– Full quartz chamber with custom-stamped stainless steel heating element

– 5 temperature settings between 482°F/250°C to 842°F/450°C

– Includes 14mm male glass adapter

– Integrated stainless steel wax tool with two placement settings

– Hemp travel case with mesh pocket for accessories

The G Pen Hyer® retails for $250 and is available to purchase via Sezzle with 4 Interest Free payments. It is available in stores nationwide and online at

How risky is recreational marijuana use? No one really knows. – AAMC

Less than two miles from Ryan McLaughlin’s cannabis research lab at Washington State University (WSU) in Pullman, there are dispensaries that legally sell cannabis products many times stronger than what his lab can obtain through the federal government for research.

“It’s very frustrating for me in a state that has legal recreational cannabis,” says McLaughlin, PhD, an associate professor of integrative physiology and neuroscience and part of WSU’s Center for Cannabis Policy, Research, and Outreach. “I could go to a cannabis store and … [find] everything under the sun and different ways of consuming it. But for me, as a researcher, my hands are tied.”

McLaughlin uses animal models to study the effects of cannabis use on the brain and behavior. But because cannabis is labeled a Schedule 1 drug by federal law, meaning it is considered to have high potential for abuse and no accepted medical benefits, McLaughlin can only obtain his product from the University of Mississippi, the sole grower authorized by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.

“We have one resource and the highest concentration with THC [tetrahydrocannabinol] is 12%,” McLaughlin says, referring to the chemical in cannabis that is psychoactive and produces a high. “That’s on the low end talking about the recreational market.”

In the 1990s, the average potency of the cannabis flower was about 4% THC, but that has risen to more than 20% today — and some highly concentrated products used for dabbing (the inhalation of vaporized cannabis oils) can contain more than 90% THC, says Rosalie Liccardo Pacula, PhD, the Elizabeth Garrett Endowed Chair of Health Policy, Economics, and Law at the University of Southern California (USC) Sol Price School of Public Policy.

While recreational marijuana legalization has been a hot-button political issue, medical and health policy researchers who study cannabis, commonly known as marijuana, are urging a focus on expanding research to guide evidence-based health policy.

This topic regained attention when, in October, President Joe Biden announced the pardon of all prior federal offenses of simple marijuana possession and directed the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Attorney General to consider rescheduling the substance. In November, voters in Maryland and Missouri voted to legalize recreational use, bringing the total number of states where marijuana is legal to 21 (plus Washington, D.C.). And on Nov. 16, the U.S. Congress also passed a bipartisan bill intended to cut red tape for researchers studying cannabis.

“[Rescheduling would] enable a lot more research,” says Pacula, who co-directs the RAND-USC Schaeffer Opioid Policy Tools and Information Center and focuses on addiction issues. “It means, with federal research dollars, we [could] examine the health effects of products already being used and sold in legal markets.”

Weighing risks and benefits

There is significant evidence that cannabis can have medicinal benefits for certain conditions. A committee report published by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in 2017 reviewed thousands of studies on cannabis and found that, although there is a huge gap in knowledge about the risks and benefits of cannabis use, there was substantial evidence that it could be used therapeutically to treat chronic pain in adults and nausea related to chemotherapy, and to reduce spasticity symptoms in patients with multiple sclerosis.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has even approved one cannabis-derived drug product, Epidiolex, for treatment of epilepsy, and three synthetic cannabis-related products for nausea in chemotherapy patients, all of which are available by prescription.

Many state policies that allow medical use of cannabis list hundreds of conditions for which the drug can be used, though few have scientific basis, says R. Lorraine Collins, PhD, a psychologist and director of the Center for Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York School of Public Health and Health Professions.

“You name a disorder, probably it’s listed somewhere on a state statute related to medical cannabis,” says Collins, who was part of the National Academies committee that published the 2017 cannabis report. “Those lists are not based on research; they’re based on political considerations.”

Collins explains that lobbying groups, such as those representing veterans with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), have power to sway lawmakers even without evidence of efficacy.

It is also clear that cannabis use comes with risks.

There’s evidence that cannabis use during pregnancy can disrupt fetal development. Some studies have found a link between daily cannabis use and psychosis in people who are genetically predisposed. Cannabis use can impede brain development, particularly when used by adolescents. And it can cause temporary intoxication that impedes brain function and has been associated with a higher risk of getting into a fatal car crash.

As the experts point out, cannabis is a complicated plant, the effects of which can vary significantly depending on the dosage and concentration of THC, the frequency of use, and the personal physiological and psychological attributes of the user.

Understanding cannabis’ effects on the body and brain

The latter of these factors has to do with the endocannabinoid system, which, much like the nervous system, regulates a variety of bodily functions. The system, which was discovered in 1988, helps control learning, memory, emotional processing, sleep, pain control, eating, and other bodily processes. Cannabinoid receptors in the brain are stimulated by natural molecules called endocannabinoids, which are structurally similar to molecules in the cannabis plant.

Cannabis’ effects on the body and brain are a result of a kind of “hijacking” of the natural endocannabinoid system, McLaughlin explains.

Although much is still unknown about the way this system works, one reason researchers believe cannabis has such different effects on different people could be that the natural state of a person’s endocannabinoid system influences the experience of the supplemental cannabis.

“[It might depend on] whether you’re restoring normal function, or pushing it over the edge,” McLaughlin says. “People who use cannabis can find it’s effective for coping with stress; for others it can produce stress and anxiety.”

Research is ongoing to discover ways to better understand the endocannabinoid system and find a balance that might be effective at treating stress-related disorders, such as PTSD.

Overcoming a history of racism

At the forefront of the political debate surrounding legalization is the historical and current discrimination in the enforcement of cannabis laws, as well as cultural stigma that has associated use of cannabis with people of color. The use of the term “marijuana” itself comes from anti-Mexican racism associated with the plant in the early 20th century, as was reported by Eric Schlosser in a 1994 article in The Atlantic.

According to a 2020 report by the American Civil Liberties Union, Black people in the United States were nearly four times more likely to be arrested for cannabis possession than White people as of 2018, although both demographic groups use cannabis at similar rates.

“The stigmatization was motivated by a lot of issues including racism because it was linked to Mexicans and people of color, for example, African American jazz musicians,” Collins says. “It was like your White middle class should not go anywhere near this.”

Now, as legalization and public opinion moves away from stigmatizing cannabis use, Collins believes that policymakers should be careful to be nuanced in their discussions about the substance.

She says that current public health messaging varies widely from state to state, and in some places is nonexistent.

Research is needed to create guidance

Further complicating the public health messaging is the emergence of a flourishing cannabis industry that is marketing products with little regulation or evidence about risks, says Luke Niforatos, executive vice president of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), an organization that seeks to promote a middle ground between legalization and criminalization.

“We learned the hard way with tobacco,” Niforatos says. “We’d like to see more research done now so we can make policy decisions based on what we learn from the science.”

SAM helped draft a bill intended to ease bureaucratic barriers to conducting research on cannabis that passed in Congress in mid-November and is awaiting President Biden’s signature. The bill also directs the Department of Health and Human Services to report to Congress on the potential harms and benefits of cannabis use.

The experts say that studying the impact of different dosing, as well as the effects of high-potency THC products, should be priorities.

Currently, the legal cannabis market in the United States does not have standardized THC dosing. With many states limiting sales by quantity or weight, rather than by concentration, a person could buy more than a six-months’ supply for a standard user in a single transaction in some parts of the country, Pacula explains.

“We need to recognize cannabis is not a homogeneous product,” she says. “We don’t treat hard liquor the same way we do wine or low-ethanol beer.”

Pacula says that medical students should learn about the endocannabinoid system. They should also be encouraged to ask more detailed questions about cannabis use in taking a patient’s history when it could be relevant to their care, “just as you would ask about alcohol with heart disease, or smoking for someone with lung issues,” she says.

It’s also important for health care professionals to receive more education about cannabis products and effects, says Collins, who teaches a course on cannabis at University at Buffalo with a faculty member from the school of pharmacy.

“Their thirst for knowledge is heartwarming and frustrating,” she says.

McLaughlin is counting on a relaxation of the existing barriers to research, which could open a floodgate of opportunities for researchers who have been caught up in red tape.

“I never understood why [the government] made it so difficult for researchers to study the drug,” he says. “We need to understand it.”

Remedy Maryland New Cannabis Superstore Opens December 1 – PR Newswire

Department Store-Like Dispensary with Big Name Brands

COLUMBIA, Md., Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Remedy cannabis dispensary will open a new ~10,000 square foot Superstore at 8865 Stanford Blvd in Columbia, Maryland, at 9:00 AM ET.

One of the first and largest licensed medical cannabis dispensaries in Maryland, Remedy was born out of a legacy of patient care and community service. They aim to remove the sterile and antiseptic feel of many other medical dispensaries, with the goal of creating a welcoming, open, entertaining yet informative and comfortable environment.

The new larger space will offer unique experiential events for the cannabis community. The open floor plan is designed to deliver a store-within-a-store (SWAS) model allowing patients and future adult-use consumers to explore brands and products in a one-of-a-kind dispensary experience.

„We are very excited to have one of the largest retail footprints in the state of Maryland,” said Remedy co-CEO and President, Brandon Barksdale. „Our new superstore will elevate the dispensary experience on all levels with product selection, promotions, industry-leading customer loyalty programs, and much more. Our store-within-a-store concept allows for a deep bench of brand selection, product exclusivity and the most robust menu in the state. This unique concept will provide patients and recreational consumers alike with access to new products coming to market as part of their normal shopping experience.”

Partnerships with large national, household name cannabis operators, such as Cookies, Green Thumb Industries, SunMed, Trulieve, Curio Wellness, and Holistic Industries set Remedy apart from other retailers unlocking billions of dollars of brand power to Maryland. Much like branded beauty counters in traditional department stores, this retail concept will bring the biggest names in cannabis to Maryland.

„With adult use on the horizon, this move will ready Remedy to share the dispensary experience comfortably with the broader consumers as they enter the market. Truly, we will have the best prices and best selection in the state. Patients and future guests of Remedy will need to explore and engage with us weekly to keep up,”  continued Remedy Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Mitch Trellis.

„I speak for the entire Remedy family when I say we are excited to offer this retail experience to the Maryland market and look forward to continuing to be the market leader in cannabis retail.”

The original Remedy Columbia location at 6656 Dobbin Rd will be moving to Stanford Blvd. This new location will be more convenient and offer more parking.

Doors open to the public on December 1 at 10:00 AM.

Store hours are Monday – Sunday 9:00 AM10:00 PM.

Remedy also has a location in Baltimore at 7165-C Security Blvd, Windsor Mill.


Since its inception in 2014, Remedy has garnered a reputation as Maryland’s go-to dispensary. It is one of the top dispensaries in the market and the fastest growing. Locally owned and operated, Remedy provides Maryland’s registered medical cannabis patients with a curated selection of the highest quality, most effective and clean products available. With retail locations in Baltimore and Columbia, Remedy offers its patients exceptional flower strains, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and proudly is the first (and only) Maryland medical cannabis dispensary offering the full line of Cookies strains and merch in their „Cookies Corner” located in their Baltimore storefront.

For more information on Remedy, please visit

Instagram @remedy_maryland



SOURCE Remedy Maryland

Petalfast Welcomes Premium Cannabis Brand Wonderbrett to Growing Sales and Distribution Portfolio – GlobeNewswire

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Petalfast, a route-through-market platform for the cannabis industry, announced its partnership with Wonderbrett, one of the West Coast’s most beloved cannabis brands best known for its world-renowned genetics, exotic terpene profiles and pioneering cultivation techniques. Wonderbrett joins a growing portfolio of brands represented by Petalfast throughout the state of California and nationwide.

Wonderbrett’s roots trace back to 1997 when co-founder Brett Feldman began growing the legendary West Coast strain, OG Kush. By 1999, Feldman had established himself as an elite grower in the Los Angeles scene, providing cannabis to some of the most prominent artists in the music industry, including Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Xzibit. In 2014, Brett decided to bring his famous stains to the masses, launching Wonderbrett in partnership with his friend, Cameron Damwijk. Wonderbrett products are designed and engineered in a state-of-the-art facility by a team of experts, utilizing custom irrigation systems that integrate advanced technology with time-tested cultivation methods to create small-batch, craft-style cannabis at scale.

“Wonderbrett’s extensive genetic library has been formed through decades of development, and their full-bodied flavor and aromatic terpene profiles have cemented the brand as a staple in modern-day cannabis culture,” said Petalfast CEO Jason Vegotsky. “Their rich history of producing ultra-premium flower has garnered them a loyal following and lifelong customer base throughout the state of California. We look forward to implementing our proven sales and field and trade marketing tactics to help drive their products into new distribution channels while increasing Petalfast’s offerings for our retail customers.”

In addition to flower, Wonderbrett’s signature strains are available in live resin cartridges and solventless rosin fruit chews to appeal to a variety of consumer needs. Utilizing the highest quality glass tanks with ceramic atomizers and tips, the company’s distillate-free, 100% live resin cartridges include real terpenes and zero additives to deliver the same full-bodied flavors fans have come to expect from the brand. Wonderbrett’s solventless rosin fruit chews offer six curated pairings of premium cannabis made with 100% real fruit puree imported from France to provide a truly potent and uniquely flavorful edible experience. The vegan- and gluten-free fruit chews are all-natural, containing zero artificial ingredients or preservatives, and are available in strain-specific varieties: Pineapple OG, Melon OG, Orange Banana, Papaya, Strawberry Bliss and Peach OZ.

“All of our products are guided by our passion for creating new flavors, breeding new genetics and discovering new strains that transcend the ordinary into the extraordinary,” said Wonderbrett Co-Founder Brett Feldman. “Through decades of hard work and preparation, we have curated a premier lifestyle brand, infusing art, music and fashion into everything we do to encapsulate the Wonderbrett experience. Partnering with Petalfast will allow us to expand our market presence in California and Arizona, solidifying Wonderbrett as the premium provider of flower, live-resin cartridges and edibles for connoisseurs and new consumers alike.”

The addition of Wonderbrett comes amidst significant growth for Petalfast, which in recent months announced its expansion into the Michigan, Massachusetts and Arizona markets, as well as new partnerships with AIRO Brands, Auntie Aloha, Bloom Brands, Consensus Holdings, Legion of Bloom, and Life Cannabis Co. Since its 2020 launch in California, Petalfast has built a diverse portfolio of high-profile cannabis brands to highlight the most creative product offerings and help both emerging and growing brands sell into and through retail channels in competitive markets. The Company’s collaborative platform approach to distribution and field marketing is a key differentiator, significantly changing how cannabis brands can launch, scale and establish themselves in select markets.

For more information on Petalfast’s hiring and recruiting, email For inquiries related to services and expansion opportunities, email

About Petalfast
Petalfast is the first-of-its-kind route-through-market platform for the cannabis industry. Petalfast helps cannabis brands thrive via its go-to-market accelerator program in California and through its full spectrum of agency services available to brands nationally. Notable cannabis brands already engaged in the Petalfast platform include Space Coyote, Emerald Sky, Bloom Brands, and Yada Yada. The Company, through its incubator program Pilot by Petalfast, also provides new and recently launched brands with direct access to leading retailers and opportunities to gain first-hand market analysis while also offering select retailers the opportunity to see future brands before they formally hit the market. Petalfast is taking its business model and expanding into newer, competitive markets.

About Wonderbrett
Wonderbrett is synonymous with legacy California cannabis as both an innovator and purveyor of the highest quality and most sought-after products available. With a mantra of “flavor and experience over everything,” the company’s rare genetics, exotic terpene profiles and meticulous cultivation techniques create consistency and an elevated user experience across the consumer spectrum. Wonderbrett is for the sophisticated connoisseur, producing craft, small-batch, artisanal products at scale.

Petalfast Media Contact
Justin Bernstein
Mattio Communications

Wonderbrett Media Contact
Jason Harcharic

Cantourage, Cannabis House and Together Pharma partner to increase availability of medical cannabis in Poland – PR Newswire

Not for release or distribution, directly or indirectly, in or into the United States of America, Australia, Canada or Japan or any other jurisdiction where such release or distribution would be unlawful. Please see the important notice at the end of this announcement.

  • Partnership between Cantourage, Cannabis House and Together Pharma brings Ugandan medical cannabis to Poland for the first time
  • Poland marks the third European market, following the UK and Germany, in which the product is now available to patients
  • Glueberry OG ® cultivar will further increase therapy options for medical cannabis patients in Poland

BERLIN, Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cantourage Group SE (FRA: HIGH), a European medical cannabis leader, Cannabis House, an initiative enabling the distribution of medical cannabis in Poland, and Together Pharma (TASE: TGTR), an Israeli producer of medical cannabis, today announced a partnership that makes Ugandan medical cannabis available in Poland for the first time. From the first week of December, Polish patients enrolled in the Cannabis House initiative will have access to Together Pharma’s Glueberry OG® cultivar, which will be distributed via selected pharmacies across the country. After Germany and the UK, Poland marks the third European market in which the product will now be available.

The supply agreement includes the importation of more than 500 kg of finished dried cannabis flowers over the upcoming three years. More products, already offered by Cantourage in the UK and Germany, will be introduced to the initiative in Poland in the coming months.

Philip Schetter, CEO of Cantourage, says: „We are excited to join forces with Cannabis House and Together Pharma to expand access to medical cannabis products for patients in Poland. We feel privileged to play a part in supplying Polish patients with high quality cannabis from Uganda and in time, broadening the portfolio of products available.”

Dr. Grzegorz Kobyłecki, CEO of Cannabis House, adds: „Today, demand for medical cannabis in Poland is at an all-time high. The cannabis market in Poland has quadrupled over the last three years. Therefore, our partnership is an important step in ensuring that enough quality products will be available to patients. It should be emphasized that the experiment is not a clinical trial, but an initiative which holds bio-ethics approval. Given that cannabis from an unknown source could potentially contain mixtures of dangerous and addictive substances, we are proud to partner with companies such as Cantourage, who support us with high quality research material. Furthermore, given that the experiment has a three-year duration, we have worked hard to partner with groups with a stable market position.”

Nir Sosinsky, Managing Director of Together Pharma, states: „Our partnership with Cantourage continues to flourish and this latest development is extremely exciting for Together Pharma. The export of our products to Poland represents a new stage in the expansion of our global reach and strengthens our position in Europe, which is an important market for us. We are glad that our medical-grade cannabis flowers are being made available through Cantourage and Cannabis House in Poland, allowing for a sustainable supply to the benefit of patients across the country.”

About Cantourage

Cantourage is a publicly listed, leading European medical cannabis company. The Berlin-based company with subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and Poland, was founded in 2019 by industry pioneers Norman Ruchholtz, Dr. Florian Holzapfel and Patrick Hoffmann. Cantourage enables producers from all over the world to become part of the rapidly growing European medical cannabis market in a faster and more cost-effective way, while guaranteeing and developing the highest European quality standards. The company offers products in all relevant market segments: dried flowers, extracts, Dronabinol and pharma-grade Cannabidiol. The company was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on 11 November 2022 and is listed under the stock ticker „HIGH”.

For more information visit:

About Together Pharma Holdings Inc.

Together Pharma is a public company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). The company has a subsidiary Globus Pharma Ltd., which holds the franchise, (both directly and through subsidiaries), to grow, produce, and distribute medical cannabis products.

The company operates two farms of the world’s most advanced agricultural cultivation systems, one in Israel and the second in Uganda, which allow the control and supervision of cannabis plants using the latest technologies, developing them into quality plants suitable for supervised medical use according to the strict IMC-GAP and GACP standards. The company has also a pharmaceutical factory, which meet all the required strict conditions for manufacturing medical products according to the IMC-GMP standard.

About Cannabis House

The Cannabis House initiative brings together a team of specialists in the field of medical cannabis. Their main goal is to gather patients, institutions, and companies in order to create dedicated cannabis research clusters. As the leader of the first social experiment in Poland, the study – comprising an initial group of 4,000 patients – aims to demonstrate the efficacy of reducing the use of synthetic psychoactive substance with high quality cannabis material. Our main thesis is that cannabis is an „exit drug not an entry drug”.

This announcement does not constitute a public offer or an advertisement for a public offer within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 (Prospectus Regulation).

This announcement is not an offer of securities for sale in the United States of America. Securities may not be sold or offered in the United States of America absent registration or an exemption from registration under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the „Securities Act”). Any public offering of securities to be made in the United States would be made by means of a prospectus that could be obtained from the Company. This prospectus would contain detailed information about the Company and its management, as well as the Company’s financial information. There will be no public offering of the securities referred to in this announcement in the United States of America.

In the United Kingdom, this information may only be communicated to and is only directed at (i) professional investors within the meaning of Article 19(5) of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2005, as amended (the „Order”), or (ii) high net worth companies falling within Article 49(2)(a) to (d) of the Order (all such persons together being referred to herein as „Relevant Persons”). The Securities are only available to Relevant Persons and any invitation, offer or agreement to subscribe for, purchase or otherwise acquire such Securities will only be engaged in with Relevant Persons. Any person who is not a Relevant Person should not act or rely on this announcement or any of its contents.

Subject to certain exceptions, the securities referred to in this announcement may not be sold or offered in Australia, Canada or Japan, or to or for the account or benefit of any national, resident or citizen of Australia, Canada or Japan.

Logo –

SOURCE Cantourage

Black Entrepreneur Talks About the Future of Cannabis – Austin Chronicle

Hope Wiseman (at right), CEO of a cannabis investment firm, at AfroTech on Nov. 16 (photo by Leena Alali)

While Texas may not be the nation’s model example of marijuana reform, recent local and national moves may force the state to catch up.

As of Nov. 8, five more Texas cities have voted to decriminalize low-level marijuana possession. Austin voters overwhelmingly approved a measure decriminalizing possession of small amounts of cannabis in May (and the county hadn’t been prosecuting people for that offense for years). Now, other Texas cities are following suit, with much credit to Ground Game Texas, the progressive nonprofit mobilizing liberal Texas voters. Measures like Austin’s were on the ballot in Denton, San Marcos, Killeen, Elgin, and Harker Heights. All passed easily, with the slimmest win for cannabis possession being 60% of the vote in Harker Heights in Bell County and the strongest showing in San Marcos with 82% of the vote.

„These meaningful reforms will keep people out of jail and save scarce public resources for more important public safety needs,” Mike Siegel, political director of Ground Game Texas, told The Texas Tribune.

Movement on the national political stage mirrors that – President Joe Biden announced that he would pardon all individuals who had been charged federally for simple possession of marijuana on or before Oct. 6. (He also called on governors to do the same with nonfederal convictions. Gov. Greg Abbott has rejected the suggestion.) Meanwhile, on Nov. 16, the first bipartisan marijuana bill passed through the U.S. Senate. The Medical Marijuana Research Act, expected to be signed by Biden in the coming weeks, will make medical research for cannabis treatment more accessible and mitigate current legal hurdles. The bill represents a focal point for many involved in the cannabis industry, as it signals potential changes for future regulations.

But as Texas and the nation move toward a more cannabis-friendly culture, some in the community are noting the irony that comes from the sudden advocacy for weed.

„The people that are dominating the [cannabis] space are the same people that used to advocate for the laws that locked us up,” said Hope Wiseman at a Nov. 16 panel at AfroTech, the conference for Black members of the tech industry, which came to Austin for the first time last month. Wiseman, co-founder and CEO of the Cali­for­nian cannabis investment and holding company WISECO and once the youngest Black woman to own a dispensary, said that Black entrepreneurs need to be able to jump into the industry just as easily as other members of other communities do, especially since the cannabis industry was one that was and is being used to harm them.

At the start of the highly anticipated panel, Wiseman shared that she had initially jumped into the cannabis industry purely for the business opportunity. Over time, she realized the power, influence, and responsibility she was able to wield when it came to criminal justice reform in the marijuana space and began working toward a path to become an advocate for the Black community. „As African Americans, cannabis was used to marginalize our communities, it was used to overpolice us,” Wiseman said. „Now, we are changing the world and are changing the way we are policed in the U.S. through cannabis policy, and I am so proud to be a part of that.”

According to the ACLU, Black people in Texas are 2.6 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than white individuals.

Along with issues of power due to racial inequity, she pointed out the difficulty of running a company that deals with marijuana. As a federally classified Schedule I controlled substance, dispensary owners are unable to earn tax deductions in the same way that other businesses would due to limitations from the IRS, making business endeavors significantly more expensive. „Because the regulatory environment is still growing and we’re still able to impact it, we have this unique opportunity to create the industry that we want to see,” Wiseman said.

Got something to say? The Chronicle welcomes opinion pieces on any topic from the community. Submit yours now at