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One of only four Canadian licensed producers to land a vaporizer deal with PAX Labs earlier this month, New Brunswick-based Organigram Holdings Inc. (TSXV: OGI; NASDAQ: OGI) today announced another lucrative supply deal. 

This time Organigram inked an exclusive agreement to become the only Canadian supplier of disposable vape pens and 5/10 thread cartridges from Feather Company Ltd. 

Those vaporizers and cartridges are expected to be made available to recreational and medical consumers this coming October, following the release of new legalization guidelines for those types of products. 

Under the terms of the agreement, Organigram will sell the company’s Edison-branded CBD oil using Feather Company’s vaporizer pen and cartridge form factor technology. 

Feather currently runs a series of dispensaries in Colorado that offer vaporizer products in the Good, Go, and Be lines, which offer balanced blends, high THC, and high CBD experiences, respectively.  

Chief Executive Officer Patrick Lehoux commented on the Canadian partnership deal with Organigram:

As patients, enthusiasts, and advocates for the cannabis community, we are committed to applying our diverse skills to produce the best experience. Our partnership opens exciting opportunities for us to do just that. We believe in the Edison brand and Organigram’s best-in-class facility ensures we are partnered with a team committed to producing a consistent, premium product.

Feather’s disposable and cartridge-based vape products are expected to be released in all 10 provinces by the end of the year. 

In addition to the Feather vaporizer deal, Organigram is currently utilizing a Moncton-based cannabis production facility to fill PAX Era compatible vape pods, which will also be shipped across all 10 provinces in the coming months. 

As recreational legalization in Canada nears its first year anniversary, companies such as Organigram are gearing up to ship new product lines beyond the standard loose or pre-rolled dried flower offerings that have dominated shelves this year. 

In particular, licensed producers are preparing for the arrival of final Health Canada regulations that cover offering legal edible cannabis products. 

In preparation for those rules that are expected to land in October, Organigram recently announced a multi-million investment into an automated chocolate production factory. 

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