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Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Café will make history in West Hollywood this September. Here’s what to expect.

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There’s something special to be said about being “one of the first” and Lowell Herb Co. has added that to their reputation with the introduction of the first cannabis cafe in America, opening up in West Hollywood, California.

After making a name for themselves by becoming one of the more desirable pre-roll brands in the state of California, producing SuperBowl commercial ads, hosting local community events – entering the retail and culinary space is next! We speak with Kevin Brady, Director of Lowell Cafe to find out more about the first cannabis cafe in America and what we can expect.

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What sparked the need for a venue like the Lowell Cafe?

Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Café has been 4 years in the making. As pioneers of ending cannabis prohibition, we are devoted to the treatment of cannabis in the same light as alcohol. The first step was making it for sale, and now it is to give the public access to a safe, communal space where cannabis can be consumed without stigma. The unanimous approval by the West Hollywood Business License Commission solidifies cannabis’s space in California helping further its normalization.

Chef Andrea Drummer will lead the kitchen with her expertise, what brought about that decision and what can we expect from her?

Chef Andrea Drummer is a pioneering leader in both the culinary and cannabis industries and has become the driving force behind Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Café. Prior to becoming Head Chef, she had her own company hosting private and company infused (both CBD and THC) dinners across the country which is how the Lowell team met her. Chef Drummer has implemented her expertise to create a first-of-its-kind menu complementary to the heightened senses from cannabis. Lowell Cafe’s menu will be reflective of California flavors with its farm-to-table experience for both cuisine and cannabis. 

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Is there a connection to how Lowell grows its flower to the farm-to-table principle in the restaurant’s cuisine?  

Definitely, everything we create at Lowell Herb Co. reflects our brand’s ethos. Lowell Herb Co.’s flower is organically grown using only natural materials from seed-to-sale at our farm as well as partnered farms up and down the coast, from the atmosphere to the menu, as is our cafe. The cafe will be expertly designed modern, indoor/outdoor oasis with lush foliage, local artisanal touches and a thoughtful use of natural materials. The menu will feature organic, farm-to-table offerings utilizing California’s local agriculture. 

Talk to us about the Tableside Flower Service experience and how that differs from a traditional dispensary visit? 

A premium option for guests will be our Tableside Flower Service. Akin to a sommelier, Lowell Cafe will offer its guests a unique experience of cannabis consumption. A Lowell Farms’ Flower Host will guide guests through our menu and discuss the featured variety of strains and their effects and origins while rolling the perfect smoke for enjoyment. We’ll also have other premium experience options for enjoying cannabis from specialized bongs to dabs. 

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How was collaborating with Houston Brothers on the decor and design aesthetic, and what are key elements that speak to the Lowell brand?

Known for transporting Angelenos with arousing nightlife experiences that titillate the senses, Mark and Jonnie Houston of Houston Hospitality are partners of Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe. The brothers are passionate about the cafe and Mark is personally curating the aesthetics and ambiance. As pillars of Los Angeles nightlife, they will be transforming Lowell Cafe into a true first of its kind cannabis destination. 

What can we expect with this “first-of-a-kind” nightlife experience?

Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe will be hosting nightly events ranging from Sunday Brunch with a string quartet playing an eclectic selection of covers from Radiohead to Mozart, fireside chats and educational panels not only for the cannabis industry, but across all industries, to comedy nights and live musical performances. Beyond our own initiatives, Lowell Cafe will be a prime location for hosting top entertainment events like industry record releases to movie premiere after-parties and comedy specials. 

Lowell is a staple California brand making a name of itself with its amazing prerolls and flower, could there be opportunities to bring the cafe to other cities or countries in the future?

We are excited to set the example, one we do not take lightly, and demonstrate how it can be responsibly integrated into society. It is a historic moment not only for cannabis, but the country as whole. We are proud to bring the first-ever cannabis restaurant to the United States and it’s gratifying to open a space that will foster educational and responsible consumption. We are putting all of our efforts and focus on opening and operating the Los Angeles, CA location flawlessly, but we are always thinking to the future and looking to expand our efforts.


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