Welcome to Cannabis Country, dude – Seattle Times

Marijuana is not only now legal in Washington, it is more popular than good ol’ carcinogenic, nicotine-spewing cigarettes. At least that’s true in Seattle, where weed edges out tobacco among people 18 and older, according to the research firm Nielsen.

Add the effects of legalization to all the big divides that separate Americans these days. While much of the country continues to arrest those who partake of marijuana, in the growing number of states that have legalized pot, the once dreaded drug has become just another vice that free people are allowed to choose if they are so inclined.

It is probably no surprise that the three cities in which citizens now pick a joint more often than a cancer stick are those hipster-loving soul mates: Portland, San Francisco and Seattle. Other parts of the country may judge us harshly, but do we care? Naw, we are too mellow for that, man. Stoned, baked and blissed out.

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