VERC Enterprises Partners With Ceres Natural Remedies for CBD Products – Convenience Store Decisions

VERC Enterprises chose to partner with a firm that invests in training and in education for the general public and has a commitment to the region.


A number of VERC Enterprises team members traveled to Vermont recently to visit the Ceres plant and learn more about CBD. from left to right: Ziad Jabri, Karen Slow, Courtney Buckley, Cynthia Santiglia, Aby Lamore, Megan Newcomb and Jen Croteau.

VERC Enterprises announced that it is partnering with Vermont-based Ceres Natural Remedies to bring CBD products to its 30+ locations throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire, with a focus on various oils, gummies, salves and topical treatments.

Leo Vercollone, CEO of VERC Enterprises, said that his firm’s due diligence and research into this emerging industry led him to the conclusion that Ceres is the right firm to partner with.

“Ceres is an industry leader,” said Vercollone. “Our commitment is to bring the best quality product to our stores, and the way to achieve that is to partner with a firm that invests in training and in education for the general public, and one with an investment in and commitment to our region.”

While VERC Enterprises has sold CBD products over the last few years, Vercollone said that they are looking for an affiliation with an entity that will strongly support their efforts in this new market.

VERC Enterprises has sent a number of its managers to the Ceres facilities in Vermont, where they have toured the facility where the product is manufactured, and have been educated on what CBD is, how it works and how to correctly promote it to the public.

“It’s a CDB 101 program,” says Aaron Harris, Director of Development & Ceres Wholesale Sales.

Harris said that his organization makes artisanal quality products that incorporate science-based healing.

“Ceres houses Vermont’s largest knowledge base and selection of hemp-based CBD products for adults and pets,” he said. “Our specialized knowledge and sole focus in natural healing remedies helps guide customers to a product that works best for them.”

Harris said that his organization will also help Vercollone and VERC Enterprises with a new initiative that VERC is rolling out, namely, opening up a CBD store within several of their locations, and which will carry Ceres CBD products.

“This is unique for us, too, working with a well-established and well-respected member of the convenience store industry,” he said. “We are excited to partner with Leo and VERC Enterprises.”

VERC Enterprises is an independent chain of convenience stores and gasoline stations, with locations throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The company began 50 years ago with a single car wash in Marshfield, Mass. The original business was founded by Eugene Vercollone.

Today, the business remains under family ownership, with Eugene’s sons Leo and Paul serving as CEO and senior vice president, respectively. Longtime VERC team member Jim Fitzgerald serves as the company’s president.

With nearly 400 employees, VERC is a leader in hiring individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities; more than 20% of its workforce is comprised of Intellectually/Developmentally Disabled (IDD) citizens. VERC maintains ongoing partnerships with organizations including Best Buddies, ARC of Greater Plymouth and others to provide employment opportunities for IDD individuals. VERC is also working with the state’s Re-Entry program to provide employment opportunities for former inmates who have been rehabilitated.

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