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Homeostasis is that rare condition in which you are at perfect balance; you are in homeostatic balance when you are calm, alert, well-rested, free of stress, not hungry, not angry, and you are in good healthIn other words, homeostatic equilibrium is akin to catching lightning in a jar. But if you trade in that lightning jar of yours for a little aluminum can loaded with two ounces of Relax Shot drink from BGreat, you just might get a notch or two closer to that elusive homeostatic state. And you’ll definitely fall asleep faster, which is the next best thing to homeostasis anyway.

Each Relax Shot has 20 milligrams of full spectrum hemp extract (as opposed to the CBD isolate found in many similar products) along with lavender water, melatonin, acai berry extract, and a few other ingredients that work together to bring you nearer to that aforementioned state of chill. And seeing as I have tried a good dozen brands of edible CBD products at this point, I can say with confidence that this stuff works (and tastes) better than any similar product I know of.

But what is it doing, exactly? Simply put, it’s compensating for natural chemicals most of us lackThe human body has an endocannabinoid system with receptor sites all up and down the nervous system. Some of these receptors react to the cannabidiol (AKA CBD) in hemp to get you centered, an experience you might be missing out on if your body is not producing enough of those aforementioned natural chemicals on its own. 

So, the phytocannabinoids found in CBD products like the Relax Shot help bring the body nearer to that homeostatic equilibrium state. Within a few minutes of quaffing a little blue can of Relax Shot, I find myself feeling less hurried, better able to focus on a single task, and overall chilled out. This is an asset when, for example, I’m rushing to finish three different articles when I should be steadily working through one at a time. And it’s priceless when I find myself calmly nodding off at night instead of lying awake, thoughts rushing, until I almost inevitably get back out of bed for the second time.

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