Teacher Raises Concerns over High Vaporizer Use – Basinreboot

It has been claimed and widely accepted that using vaporizers is much more preferable to the smoking of cigarette, marijuana, or other substances raising health concerns. The use of vaporizers, known as vaping, is generally seen as safer than smoking.

Some mental and physical health professionals are recommending vaping as an alternative in their bid to help those hooked to abusive substances to break free. Vapers, that is, users of vaporizers, are supposedly being assisted by vaping to gradually become unhooked.

Since being referred to as a vaper is more fanciful and fashionable than as a chain-smoker, more and more people are turning to vaporizers. Youths who want to have a feel of smoking but are restricted by regulations and fines are freely using the vaporizer which is unregulated for now.

However, there are clamors from different quarters for regulations on the use of vaporizers. There are serious concerns about this, especially regarding youths.

While no one can make bold to attribute negativities of tobacco and other highly-regulated social drugs to vaping, opinion leaders are contending the claim that vaping is safer.

For instance, a teacher and scientist, Andrew J. Frisch, raised concerns over the increasing usage of vaporizer among the youth. The Science and Mathematics teacher at Farwell High School wrote an article where he expressed his opinion. He said: “I have heard that people think that since vaporizers do not smoke or smell, they are not dangerous. This cannot be farther from the truth. It is said, ‘They are just water vapor; they have no smell, or they have a fruity smell. What could be dangerous about water and fruit smell?’”

The opinion leader buttresses his criticism by reminding folks that nicotine which actually does the damage to the heart is still being inhaled when using vaporizers. Thus, vaporizers pose a serious health threat to the users.

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