Omura Series 1 Whole Flower Vaporizer – Design Milk

The Omura Series 1 is a newly announced luxe designer cannabis delivery system aiming to bridge the gap between enthusiasts enjoying smoking whole flower with the new school of users who rely upon the convenience of vape pens, delivering precise doses for solo or sharing sessions.

The Omura Series 1 charges via USB-C with one-button operations and adjusts heat according to strength of inhalation to ensure optimal delivery of cannabinoids and terpenes.

The Omura’s industrial design – created in collaboration with Michael Young Studio – is modern and sleek, an intentional push to cater toward the growing wellness-oriented clientele seeking the health and social benefits of cannabis, but enjoyed in moderation. The Series 1’s matte finish, ribbed end, and gentle curvature leading into the heating unit evoke the work of Naoto Fukasawa in its minimalist and subtle detailing, the sort of device intended to be openly left out for use and sharing without stigma.

The Series 1 uses proprietary short pre-rolled whole flower cartridges filled in modest doses of .125 grams per serving, delivering 10 to 12 inhaled doses over the span of three-minutes per session (the unit counts down using a series of three small LEDs to communicate how much time is left). These rolls are inserted and then heated to precise temperatures safely below the level of burning, and according to BJ Carretta, head of marketing for Omura, resulting in a cleaner cannabis experience without the throat burn, charring, or ash often associated with smoking whole flower.

Rest, relaxation and socialization, rather than chasing the summit of dizzying highs, is the intent of the Series 1 experience. The unit is complemented by a handsome and discreet leather carrying case designed for Omura by This Is Ground.

Omura Series 1 vaporizer launches in four color variants – Black, White, Gold, Rose Gold – alongside with four cannabis cartridges sourced from California growers representing indica, sativa, hybrid, and CBD-only strains, with more to follow upon launch this June. For more information about the Series 1, head over to the Omura site.

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