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CENTENNIAL, Colo., Nov. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — My CBD Lab, a leader in full-service quality CBD extraction and distillation, announced today the launch of its new pay-per-service programs that will empower growers, manufacturers, pharmaceutical, health, and retailers to optimize their wholesale hemp processing on a one-time basis – a strategic move that highlights the company’s mission to forge the future of the CBD community.

My CBD Lab will introduce the CBD market to a 360-degree approach to extraction and distillation via an all-new facility that offers high-quality CBD processing in a professional and open environment filled with state-of-the art equipment. The space will also feature an unobstructed view of the growing space as well as an exclusive social and coworking space where CBD professionals can come together and push the industry forward.

The company is positioned to become a national leader in CBD processing according to COO Vince Kandis.

„We are thrilled to announce this new pay-per service program, as we think it will be a great opportunity to network with new partners and demonstrate the superior facilities we have here,” he said. „This move further demonstrates our commitment to paving the way for the CBD community of tomorrow, as we plan to expand our offerings in 2020.”

Companies distributing CBD products choose My CBD Labs for the company’s dedication to continual research and development in the industry. The company houses a staff of world-renowned scientists committed to making the best quality crude and distillate in the industry. MY CBD Lab’s staff of scientists carefully examine and oversee the extraction and distillation process, from start to finish, to assure the finest quality in the industry.

About My CBD Lab

My CBD Lab is an all-new facility offering a 360-degree approach to the processing of high-quality CBD products designed for growers, pharmaceutical, health, and retailer needs. My CBD Lab offers wholesale and white label solutions as well as extraction, distillation, chromatography and isolation services. Boasting a professional and open environment filled with state-of-the art distillation equipment and a full view of the growing space, it provides facility tours to prove the company’s dedication to the stability, security and trust promised to clients. My CBD Lab also offers an exclusive social and coworking space for CBD professionals to meet fellow industry leaders, discuss the latest trends and technology, and forge the future of the CBD community. For more information, visit


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