Storz & Bickle Is Bringing High Technology To Portable Vaporizers –

The Storz & Bickle Crafty+ is a fantastic dry herb vaporizer to carry with you and also offers the customizable experience of a desktop vaporizer. That is because it has a remote control app that allows you to control different features like the temperature and brightness of the LED screen from your mobile device.

Your eyes will appreciate lowering the brightness in the dark. And being able to control the temperature is like exploring new experiences from the same vaporizer. You can change using the app or by pressing a single button on the device.

Press once to turn it on the basis temperature of 180° C, or 356° F. Press twice to increase it  +15° C or 27° F. And press three times to increase the heat +30° C, or 54° F from the basis temperature.

The Crafty+ has hybrid convection and conduction heating system. The conduction preheats the full-ceramic chamber to start your sesh quickly, and convection heats your dry herbs evenly and without burning them. Get ready for thick clouds without burnt flavors or burning cannabinoids.

Plus, this vaporizer has an extraordinary airflow system that allows you to take deep hits with little effort. It is impressive that you get all this in a device the size of your palm.

Despite all these features, functionality remains at its peak, although it takes a toll on the battery life. Still, the Crafty+ has a fast-charging through its USB-C charging socket.

The design has the industrial-like look of the Storz & Bickle devices. And it has a flat base that makes it stable on any surface, making it comfortable to manipulate the app while enjoying your dry herbs.

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