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The RW Takeaway: The Chill CBD Balm by Naturopathica is a great intro into CBD products. Got muscle soreness? Just a fingertip smear will help you achieve zen.

  • Natural hemp oil calms and fights muscle aches
  • Has no burning sensation or topical reaction
  • A bit expensive for the small container

    Price: $76
    Volume: 2 oz

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    I am a novice to CBD, but all the hype on its positive effects—reduces inflammation, alleviates chronic pain—had me eager to give it a go. I am a big proponent of natural remedies and homeopathic solutions (I’ve had past success with essential oils for stress relief), so I was excited and confident that it would work.

    Lakota Gambill


    Chill Full Spectrum CBD & Kava Balm


    • Natural alternative to pain relievers
    • CBD and Kava help you to “chill out”
    • Smell can be potent, with strong essential oils

    I deal with a lot of tightness in my shoulders—you know, from all the heavy-lifting we do as distance runners? Joking aside, I spend most of my day when I’m not running hunched over at my desk, which results in upper back soreness during my workouts.

    I tested out both Naturopathica’s Chill Full Spectrum CBD & Kava Balm and Tiger Balm (though not at the same time) for comparison. While the former goes on feeling essentially the same—albeit, a little oilier—the effects are totally different.

    Tiger Balm Sport Rub Pain Relieving Ointment

    Tiger Balm


    With Tiger Balm, I immediately began to feel that slow burn on my skin that can last for hours. But the CBD balm did not have that burning effect or anything else going on—at first. While I am used to that tingly, burn-y sensation to signal that recovery ointment is “working,” I actually appreciated not having that slight sting on my skin after application.

    As for the CBD balm’s smell, it isn’t weedy but it is a little, er, “crunchy.” Allow me to explain: If you are used to essential oils, and like some of the more potent smells like lavender and rosemary, this won’t bother you at all—if not, I would suggest starting with smaller doses.

    Tiger Balm (left) and CBD balm side by side.

    Lakota Gambill

    Is it working? I think so…

    So here’s the thing: I can’t say the CBD balm didn’t work but it’s also hard to pinpoint the effects when I couldn’t feel anything topical happening. The thing I noticed most was that it seemed to zen me out. I tend to be a very high-stress, high-anxiety person, and placebo or not, I definitely felt calmer after using this.

    I read that one of the best times to try it is before bed, and so, while frantically counting sheep one night, I rubbed a fingertip amount on my shoulders and—I kid you not—conked out. Thinking it was a fluke, I tried it for a week. Every night I used Naturopathica, it worked. Can you say Rip Van Winkled?

    While I can’t promise this effect on everyone, I highly recommend using CBD balm if you need assistance chilling out.

    Worth the price?

    I think the big thing here is the price. Again, if you are new to homeopathic remedies, they can be expensive—think designer prices but instead of paying for the brand, it’s paying for “organic plant juices.” (It should also be noted that this balm isn’t FDA-evaluated.)

    To be honest, if I hadn’t tested it, I would have a hard time dropping that on a little glass jar of hemp jelly. The good news is that it doesn’t take much to be effective, so it will last you a long time. And .5-ounce container is also available for $20 at the brand’s site.

    Non-psychoactive and sleep-inducing.

    Lakota Gambill

    *Results may vary

    What I mean by that is just because it didn’t have super noticeable effects on my muscles doesn’t mean it necessarily won’t on yours. I will probably continue using my tried-and-true Tiger Balm on those stubborn shoulder knots, but no matter how loyal I am to the tiger, it will not help me get a good night’s sleep.

    And honestly, some decent sleep is some of the best recovery you can ask for.

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